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Three weeks ago, Emily had been an average 23 years old girl.

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All captions are completely fictional.

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After hours of forced orgasms, her brain was not even able to form a single thought, almost overloaded with the processing of all the contrary neural impulses it continuously received: exhaustion on the one hand, incredible pleasure on the other hand.

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However, her attitude towards her boyfriend alternated between being the cutest and most innocent girl alive and being an unspeakable and provocative brat, just waiting for her boyfriend to put her over his knee for a spanking in order to put her back in line.

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Somewhere between two orgasms, she had given in and wet her diaper, intensifying the experience due to her now squishy diaper and the additional shame.

Description: The restraints gave her no chance to get out of the situation, leaving her no doubt that she was definitely not in charge anymore.

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