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He's 34, tattooed, always wears black, drinks beer, smokes, and is an all around guy's guy.

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I'm glad the power exchange is hot and intense, PINK, but you need to proceed with caution before you "force" a dick into this dude's mouth.

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I love Sissy Boys

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It also makes me uneasy because it makes me feel like it blurs the line of when a scene begins and ends.

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Description: They know this is a sexy game—one informed by all sorts of icky cultural messaging about women and gay men—and they're capable of playing this game without being a misogynist, a homophobe, or unstable and potentially violent basket case.

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  1. After being a teen mom, the best next step is always getting into porn. And preferably the worst kind and badly paid.

  2. If I Had A Woman Like That,I Would Turn Off My Game And Just Fuck Her If She Wanted My Cock