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Just a bit more," Mom whined.

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Perhaps because of their subconscious desire to touch Mom's breasts, my hands dipped lower on their next pass down Mom's cheeks, below her jaw line, to stroke and massage her neck and throat, an action that pulled her tighter against my bulging jeans.

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I jerked my head in absolute fear to look at my father, leaning back on bent knees but hunched forward, my bare cock sticking out above the waistband of my pajamas.

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Brushing Moms Hair

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I pulled my hands away from her neck and face, her whispered warning suddenly making me see my touch as a caress.

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Description: I concentrated my massage on her face and neck again, sliding one hand gently over her entire face and rubbing the other up and down her throat, allowing my thumb to slip over onto her chin and briefly rest between her lips.

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